LoansAngel: full review

LoansAngel has been in the banking and financial industry for many years. It offers various loan products from credible lenders presented in the modern market.

Thus, both individuals and entrepreneurs will find relevant credits that will help them manage their budget, overcome temporary financial difficulties and obtain resources for the development of their business and career. Despite their goals, borrowers can get an appropriate offer to spend extra money for education, rent, urgent purchases, repairs, etc.

Note that LoansAngel is not a store. Therefore, there is no need to travel miles to use the company's services. Instead, the article is about the online lending site that has implemented all the modern tools to ensure immediate services to all applicants. Time is money, and this saying applies today more than ever.

LoansAngel is not a direct lender and does not participate in setting rates and opening fees for clients. At the same time, it is not a broker that charges customers extra fees. Rather, it is an aggregation site. It is about getting first-hand information about active and legitimate operators so that people can find reasonable solutions and forget about predatory scammers. This way, people get cheaper loans.

The virtual loan service operates throughout the United States and offers various options to people in need of money. The online company claims that its mission is to make loans easy. It guarantees a simple submission process and highly accessible offers for a wide range of the population. Does the talk of the big game match the facts?

Because even the best lending institutions are for-profit organizations, they can't satisfy all customer interests and needs. That's why the most customer-focused companies deserve special attention. Fortunately, LoansAngel is one of those that allow you to contact the most helpful providers. That's why we shed light on the best features and flaws of this service.

What does LoansAngel offer?

On LoansAngel's website, you will find many beneficial offers. The company's managers have well understood the diversity of borrowers' problems. Indeed, no case is identical to another. That's why the platform keeps abreast of current events, market trends and demand in order to develop sound proposals and offer suitable conditions to all applicants.

In general, the company focuses on personal loans from $200 to $5,000. This means that it is possible to find a lender to obtain the necessary sum and repay it in installments at fixed intervals. The expected repayment period differs, depending on the financial capacity of the client. What else can the applicant count on when applying to LoansAngel?

  • No liens are required, which allows clients to avoid risking their assets such as vehicles, homes and other forms of property.
  • Secured loans are also available, if borrowers deem them appropriate.
  • The company also provides credit builders to improve clients' credit history.
  • Prepayment is available if you need money for a few weeks and want to pay it off in one lump sum.
  • Borrowers can pay monthly, agreeing to the amount that includes the lender's share and interest rates.

Regardless of the product chosen by customers, LoansAngel connects them with operators who do not ask about their plans and the purpose of the loans. Thus, anyone can spend the credit money on expensive events such as weddings or trips, various educational or professional courses, modest renovation projects or emergencies. The offers of various companies are also suitable for debt consolidation. This means that money can be taken to cover previous debts and avoid high rates, penalties and other problems.


  • Long-standing online presence.
  • Good reputation.
  • Offers tailored to the individual needs of applicants.
  • Convenient, easy-to-register website.


  • Not a direct lender.
  • LoansAngel hides WHOis information.
  • The FAQ section could be more comprehensive.

Benefits of LoansAngel

The company advertises loan terms ranging from 1 month to 1 year, with a wide range of annual percentage rates (APR). The latter depends on the capacity of the loan.

Thus, applicants with bad credit can avail loan services without going through a credit check.

  • LoansAngel votes for instant loans. For this reason, the response time for most offers is one business day after the application is approved by the lender. This approach is a great advantage for the users. This way, they have the opportunity to eliminate any problem immediately without waiting for the problem to grow and not be resolved.
  • LoansAngel allows for pre-qualification. This means you don't have to deal with the lending institution immediately and you don't have to damage your credit due to a hard investigation.
  • Сredit due to a difficult investigation. Instead, the service reveals the best offers and allows you to make online calculations to get an idea of the cost of the loan. That way, you'll know how much you'll get and how much you'll have to pay back before you ask a particular lender for money up front.

In general, a personal loan you find on LoansAngel is a great deal. In addition to solving a wide range of problems, this form of credit allows you to purchase expensive goods or services and pay for them over time. This way, you can improve your life, no matter how fast your salary or career changes. And it's not the most expensive loan! In other words, its rates, fees and terms are much more flexible and painless than those offered by, say, payday loans.

And if, due to certain circumstances, you are not able to repay on time, you can request a repayment plan. This means that LoansAngel helps you find lenders who offer an extension period if you can no longer repay the loan after taking out the money. The maximum is that the repayment plans can last up to five years.

Disadvantages of LoansAngel

  • As a rule, the APR is the main obstacle. After signing up for LoansAngel, you should be prepared to pay interest rates ranging from 200% to 1,386%. The exact amount depends on the direct lender you contact and your financial situation, including your regular income and loan history. In all cases, it's worth noting that the shorter the loan term, the higher the APR, which means you'll pay more each month. On the other hand, longer loans require fewer monthly payments. However, the final amount to be repaid will be higher.
  • In addition to the APR, most lenders charge an application fee for processing the application. Again, however, each lending institution sets its own amount. However, the common range is 0.5 to 1 percent. In reality, loan companies and services only charge fees for the processing of applications.

In general, the form is not long and takes only a few minutes to complete and submit.

How to get a loan on LoansAngel?

LoansAngel goes to great lengths to make it easy to get a cash advance with a simple application process that takes 10 minutes. But, after landing on the site, you have only three steps to take to get the best deals you could ever imagine. What to do.

  • Apply by entering the amount you need, your e-mail address and the last three digits of your SNN in the form.
  • Check the offers generated by the operator and choose the one with acceptable terms, rates and other conditions.
  • Obtain an official contract online, sign electronically and have your bank account funded within one business day.

You can make the request via the device of your choice, be it a laptop or cell phone. The LoansAngel portal is compatible with all gadgets and operating systems. No delay. It is not the employees but the advanced algorithms that do all the work to ensure instant services and same-day cash.

Our final opinion

Given the current economic shocks, personal loans are inevitable to meet necessary needs and ensure a decent standard of living. For this reason, hundreds of websites offer their services fully understanding the rapidly growing demand. So why choose LoansAngel to apply for a loan? Perhaps it is better to ignore the site and look for better options. But, as they say, why worry about success?

Thanks to the portal's legitimate status and good reputation, you can be sure of getting quality services and fair terms. In addition, the simplification of the loan process through a convenient platform, reduced requirements and competitive offers is a good reason to use the site's services.